It’s the crown jewel on our Oxford and polo shirts – carefully crafted by hand in seven separate steps. Our founders wanted a symbol for our brand that also had a function. Something beyond fashion – something that was useful as well as decorative. The result is the iconic Boomerang button.


Our iconic white button with the green and red Boomerang symbol has been produced by hand in a small, family-owned Portuguese factory since 1979. The owner jumped at the chance to be part of something that proved not everything can be done with a machine. Together, we came up with the process of creating grooves in the buttons, and then filling it with the red and green hues.


Always the third button from the top on our Oxford and polo shirts, the Boomerang button is a symbol of our love for quality and our passion for even the smallest details. There are a lot of shirt buttons out there, but there is only one Boomerang button.

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