In 1976, two young entrepreneurs, Peter Wilton and Kenneth Andram leave their safe careers to create a new brand that reflects their passion for quality and crafts, but also their common values. The name of the new brand would be strong and simple, but also linked to a clear symbol. The name became Boomerang.

The premiere collection was classically Scandinavian, inspired by sea and nature. The first collection was limited and coherent: single colored pants, shirts and sweaters. Nothing too decorated or challenging. The strength was rather simple and timeless with focus on material and quality. It was this which was the soul and which clearly came to define the brand. The very first advertising campaign showed the founders best friends in the chinos and Polo Shirts. The campaign was photographed in the Stockholm archipelago: an environment that has always been important for Boomerang's soul and brand.

Over the years, as the company grew, we focused increasingly on sustainability and long-term sustainability. In 1999 we launched a ladies collection in the same simple, beautiful and timeless style. 2008, an important milestone, we launched the sustainability philosophy Boomerang Effect: an initiative that brings older clothes to life as material in Boomerang Home or as Boomerang Effect Vintage. It is our way of taking on the earth's resources and contributing to a slightly more sustainable world.

The expression and the soul of our collections have become the same throughout the years. We continue to be faithful to the Scandinavian legacy, our values and our faith in timeless and qualitative. Material, fit, colors and details are updated and developed on the other hand every new season. It is a philosophy that has given us many loyal customers throughout Scandinavia while attracting new people to Boomerang, our world and our collections.

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