Boomerang Effects

A sustainable philosophy

There is a reason why our logo is a boomerang. We believe that what you get is also what you get back. Therefore, we have created the Boomerang Effect. It means you can return your boomerang clothes when you no longer want them. Thanks for your help, you get a 10% discount on a new piece of clothing, but above all, you help to get your clothes back in use.

Some of our clothes have been labeled with the Nature Conservation Association's Good Environmental Choice and sold as Boomerang Vintage. Others are cut apart and become part of furniture within Boomerang Home.

With our philosophy of the natural cycle, we are constantly developing new ways to achieve what we used. So next time you clean the wardrobe - send your Boomerang clothes to our warehouse in Uppsala Sweden to get an discount code thats available on your next purchase online.

Send your Boomerang garment with your email address to:
Boomerang Sweden AB
Stålgatan 14
754 50 Uppsala, Sweden

Together we can reuse some of the Earth's resources. We think that is a good philosophy.

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